If you're confronted with a fire, you need to be confident that your extinguisher is manufactured to the highest level of quality. FireSafe Water Extinguishers are assembled in Australia under an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System and are approved to AS/NZS 1841. Water Extinguishers are specifically designed and effective on Class A fires involving materials such as paper, timber, cardboard and some plastics and will usually be located in properties where there are no fire hose reels installed. Because of its conductivity, water must NOT be used where live electrical equipment is present. With a wide range of sizes and equipment types available, there is a FireSafe Extinguisher to suit practically every fire risk in the home, car, caravan or boat to the largest commercial and industrial property.

Identification: Red with NO coloured Band.

Advantages: Being water based, these extinguishers are ideal where cooling a fuel is recommended. Refer to the Suitability Guide below.

Disadvantages: Not suitable where live electrical current is present.

Servicing: Inspection and maintenance is to be performed at regular six monthly intervals as required by Australian Standard AS 1851 by an authorised or Licenced Contractor.

Fill Capacity
Chrome Plated Brass with Controllable Discharge & Pressure Indicator
Cylinder Specification
304 Grade Stainless Steel - 1.0mm
Body Diameter
Overall Height
Approx. Full Mass
Working Pressure
700 kPa @ 23+/-2deg-C
Cylinder Test Pressure
Approx. Discharge Time
Fire Rating - 'Still Air'
Discharge Assembly Type
Discharge Hose & Jet Nozzle Assy.
Paint Finish
Signal Red (R13) Polyester Powder Coating
Metal Wall Bracket
Design & Manufacture
AS/NZS 1841


Suitability Guide
Class A Paper etc
Class B Flam. Liquid Class C Flam Gas Class D Comb Metal Class E Electrical Class F Cooking Oil

FSW Water - 9.0lt

VALVE ASSEMBLY Contain cylinder pressure and contents of the extinguisher

a. Simple "Pull Pin/ Squeeze Lever' operation.

b. Requires less than 200 N of 'squeeze pressure' to operate.

c. Controllable discharge - operator can cease discharge and restart discharge if required.

d. Fully rechargeable.

Valve Block
Contains all associated valve abd discharge components

a. Chrome plated/ forged brass for maximum corrosion protection.

b. Material high strength/durable.

Handle & Lever Assy.
Enables extinguisher to be carried and operated.

a. Securely fitted to valve block for minimum wear in high vibration areas.

b. Powder coated for additional corrosion protection.

Pressure Indicator
Provide visual indication of cylinder pressure

a. Solid one piece thread and indicator casing.

b. Casing manufactured from high strength Brass for maximum corrosion protection.

c. Reliable and accurate mechanical operation.

d. Will withstand minor impact.

e. Secondary O Ring seal for reduced risk of leakage.

f. Capable of accurate 'In Field' testing.

Schrader Valve
For pressurising the extinguisher.

a. Neatly positioned under carry handle - prevents accidental impact damage.

b. Replaceable sealing spindle.

c. Can be pressurised using car tyre adaptor.

Safety Pin
Prevent accidental discharge

a. Manufactured from high strength Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion protection.

b. Attached to valve by retaining cord.

c. Removable even after direct valve lever impact of at least 4.0kg mass from height of at least 0.7 metre.

Discharge Hose Assembly
Direct extinguishing chemical to seat of fire when discharged.

a. Manufactured from UV resistant material for long service life.

b. Engineered nozzle orifice diameter for maximum performance.

c. High strength, anti corrosive hose fittings and ferules.

CYLINDER Contain the extinguishing chemical and propellant.

a. High strength 1.0mm wall thickness, non corrosive stainless steel cylinder:

- approx 20% heavier than competitor product.

- Over 50% more than minimum AS1841 wall thickness requirement (0.6mm).

b. High Tensile Strength SS Sheet - 686 MPa.

c. Average cylinder destruction burst pressure of 7.5 MPa:

- at least 3 times test pressure (2.5MPa)

- exceeds minimum burst by 30% (5.8MPa)

Polyester Powder Coat Paint
Colour in compliance with AS 1841.

a. UV and fade resistant - maintains AS1841 compliance for longer 'in service life' and lower maintenance costs.

b. Increased external corrosion resistance.

c. Passes 480 hour salt spray corrosion test.

Hose Band
Hose Storage

a. Reduced risk of accidental damage.

b. Stores hose neatly to the side of the cylinder.

c. Hose easily accessible for the operator.

Extinguishing chemical propellant

a. Low charge pressure - 700kPa.

b. Can be fully pressurised using low FAD (Free Air Delivery) compressor - e.g. Service Station

Extinguish Fire

a. Suitable and effective on Class A Fires.

b. Economical to Recharge

Mounting Bracket
Secure extinguisher to an 'in service' position.

a. Suitable for fixed installation only - transport type bracket optional.

b. Will withstand up to 60kg of downward force.