Fire Doors are designed to hold back or contain a fire for a specified amount of time, which helps in minimising the spread of fire and reducing the passage of smoke through a building. Fire doors may be automatically operated by heat activated mechanisms or smoke detectors. The securing of fire doors must be such that persons leaving an area via the fire door can do so without the use of keys or similar at all times.

Please Note: It is important that Fire Doors are not wedged open at any time!

If your building has Fire Doors, they need to be regularly inspected and maintained in order to ensure that they are able to operate correctly.

Fire Door: A door that enters a fireproof stairway or tunnel. The door itself is made from a special fire resistant material, and has a fire rating compliance tag fitted to the hinge edge of the door. A steel fire resistant door fream is also used.

Exit Door: An Exit Door is a door that allows an emergency exit from a building. Dependent on its location, it need not necessarily be fire rated, or steel framed.

Smoke Door: A door designed to limit the passage of smoke between compartments.

Path of Travel Door: A path of travel door is a door in the egress pathway leading to or between a Fire Door or Exit Door. They are often dual purpose and also used as smoke doors.

Sliding Fire Doors: Large sized Fire Doors with openings to allow for movement of plant equipment such as vehicles.

Lightweight Construction: A multi-layered fire rated plasterboard to protect structural beams; and wall or ceiling linings.

Fire Seals: Enhances fire rating properties and helps limit the passage of smoke and fumes. These seals are placed between the closing faces of the door and body of fire resisting products. The strip expands upon the application of heat, which seals the gap between doors and bodies in the event of a fire.


Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd offers Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Doors in accordance with Australian Standards 1851.7. In addition, we can carry out any repairs should any be required

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