Model FGHR-1

Model FGHR-2: Has break glass key box and locking T handle.

This cabinet has been designed for the accommodation and protection of Fire Hose Reels and Ancillary Equipment.

The choice of reinforced fibreglass for construction was made because of its strength, weather ability and rigidity. It has high resistance to acids and alkalis as well as being resistant to salt water.

The cabinet's fittings have been selected to stand up to outdoor and industrial environments. The hinges are made of brass and the locking handle is chrome plated zinc alloy.

Two doors have been fitted rather than one, enabling clear access or working area in passageways or confined spaces.

Although it is made of very tough fibreglass, it can still be easily drilled through; making it a convenient material for plumbers who may need to cut holes for pipe work.

The cabinet has a very attractive appearance in red with the legends 'Fire Hose' in white.