Exit & Emergency Lights are an important aspect to consider when it comes to Occupational Health & Safety and Public Liability. It is crucial and the responsibility of the building owner/manager to ensure that their Exit & Emergency Lights are in good working order so that people can quickly and safely exit a dangerous environment. Through investing in proper maintenance of your Exit & Emergency Lights you will also maximise its operational life at the minimum owners cost.

Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd provide maintenance services for Exit & Emergency Lighting systems. As per Australian Standards 2293.2, Exit/Emergency Lighting Systems are required to be adequately maintained by being tested at regular six-monthly intervals.

6 Months

- Check that fluroscent lamps are free from defects. Replace tubes or starters if required.

- Conduct a Run-Down Test, which is a simulated power failure. This test checks that your Exit & Emergency Lights are functional and that your batteries sustain their charge for 90 minutes during a power black out or building fire.

- Restore light to normal condition to check battery charger operation.

12 Months

- Perform all actions as per 6 Months.

- Clean all light-emitting and reflecting surfaces of Exit & Emergency Lights


Should you have any Faulty Exit or Emergency Lights, we can repair or replace accordingly.


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