A pressure test checks the extinguisher cylinders for structural faults. It is important to perform periodic maintenance to be sure that they are ready to operate properly and safely.

Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd has the trained professionals who can carry out this maintenance for you in accordance to Australian Standards.

Pressure Testing is Required if:

- It has been 5 years since your extinguisher has been tested.

- There is no written test record for the extinguisher

- The extinguisher appears to have been exposed to physical damage or abuse.

If your extinguisher is showing visual signs of defect it will be inspected and tested as necessary before recharging.

If your extinguisher is lacking adequate recharging procedure information, or is in a questionable condition, it shall be returned to the owner with the recommendation that the extinguisher be discarded and replaced, or left un-serviced until the manufacturer is consulted.

The Extinguisher valve assembly will be cleaned and inspected prior to recharging.

Extinguishers will be recharged with strict accordance with Australian Standards 1851-2005.

Extinguishers are tested for leakage after recharging by visual inspection, weighing and use of appropriate detective devices.

Extinguishers should have a tamper seal provided and properly affixed after recharging.

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