Training your employees for emergency situations is crucial to the safety at your organisation.

Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd offers a professional fire training program that will teach your staff how to properly use Fire Protection Equipment in the work place, including hands-on training and fire fighting demonstrations.

Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd offers Fire Training Sessions consisting of:

- Introduction and awareness of fires.

- Basic Evacuation Procedures.

- DVD shown on Fire Prevention, Protection and Suppression.

- Theory session on Fire Extinguishers, including colour coding, signage, types of fires, fire hose reels and a summary of equipment installed at the premises.

- Time involved is approximately 90 Minutes for groups of 1-20 people.

- DVD machine, overhead projector and all portable fire extinguishers are provided.

- Demonstrations and Guided "hands-on" use of Portable Fire Extinguishers.

- Provision of certificate of attendence.

Course may be modified to your Requirements.

Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd welcome the opportunity to quote for Fire Training Sessions. Should you desire any further information please contact us.