Wet Chemical Extinguishers give you protection against the most dangerous of alll cooking area fires - burning fat or oil. A liquid extinguishing agent developed specifically for kitchen range, cooking oils and fat fires. Wet Chemical rapidly converts burning fats or oils into combustion - resistant soap. It has a cooling effect on hot surfaces and suppresses the flames with steam. Wet Chemical interrupts the process of combustion by excluding air and lowering the temperature of the fat. The soap making action aids in "clean up," which can be accomplished by using water or steam.

Please Note: Care should be taken with electrical equipment

Wet Chemical 1001/01
Fire Rating
3A 4F
Working Pressure
700 kPa
Discharge Time
60 - 90 sec
Total Mass
12.5 kg
Physical Dimensions
H: 653 W: 230 D: 185


Suitability Guide
Class A Paper etc
Class B Flam. Liquid Class C Flam Gas Class D Comb Metal Class E Electrical Class F Cooking Oil


- Stainless steel pressure indicator

- Plated brass valve

- Shock absorbing base

- Easy to clean

Places that usually have a deep-frier

- Restaurants

- Fast Food Outlets

- Milk Bars

- Canteens